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 Starcraft 2

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Demon Eyes Kyo

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PostSubject: Starcraft 2   Mon Oct 18, 2010 6:49 pm

Some good videos to start this off.

Anyways i finally got a chance to play Starcraft 2 and it was well worth the 12 year wait! I love how they didn't "modernize" it and kept itthe same style. These days alot of strategy game try to imidate eachother (or starcraft) and some turn out decent but usually end up being uter crap. But this is the kind of kick in the pants that make you want to say, please sir can i have another.

I only got to play about 12 campain missions but i love it so far. The only thing i dont like is the terrans getting all crazy with the mechs like the viking, and the thor. The cinematics are stunning though and the campain isn't just one mission lined up after another, you can actually choose when and what mission you want to do. Say you try one level trying to unlock a new unit but get your ass beat cause you had no anti air, do 2 more missions elsewhere and come back and you have a chance.

The difficulty setting are a little, eh, unbalanced. Easy is for trained monkey, normal is breeze (maybe im just that good), hard is decent challege (in some missions a death trap, and expert is like "WTF THAT ONE GUY KILLED 3 OF MY BEST MEN!!"

I didnt get to try any races other then terran (and two levels with the protoss, on the zeratul campaine mission)

Battlecruiser are just fucking cool to watch go into combat i remember the first time i saw one chew into my men i was just like "damn that awesome" and wasted a few more just to watch them die Tongue

The Zerg look like they've gotten ALOT harder to use. Starcraft wise i always considered Terrans to be the noob class, zerg for the veteran class, and protoss for the experts. But the zerg (in this game) are so outmatched its rediculous from what i've seen. They have almost NO anti air and all their good units either die after a period of time or suicide to attack!

The protoss are wayyyyy over powered, not only are they just as strong but their abilitly to micro in this game is ungodly. Anyways i'm rambling.

I fucking love this game and if you like strategy games you will too Grin

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PostSubject: Re: Starcraft 2   Wed Jun 08, 2011 11:04 pm

Necro-bump, because it's one of the only games I'm playing right now. Any other of you guys have it? Playing with randoms gets boring. Sad
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Starcraft 2
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