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 The Witcher 2 :Assasins of Kings.

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PostSubject: The Witcher 2 :Assasins of Kings.   Fri May 27, 2011 8:46 am

This game really defines what an epic rpg should be,it has everything you could ever want in an rpg.I really suggest you give it a try if you can actually run it on your pc. The 260 GTX runs it very smoothly at ultra high/high settings paired with the i7 2600k.

The story is very plausible for a fantasy rpg and the gameplay is challenging to say the least.Even at the beginning of the game I got my ass kicked,it really seems like it is really happening and not just increasing in difficulity as you go along.It's quite the opposite really,if you plan your charachter right you will become the epic witcher you are supposed to be,but fail to plan ahead and you will have serious trouble moving ahead.

The visuals are effin awesome,beats Crysis 2 even.Stunningly real and just visualy pleasing so if you are a fan of good graphic games then you should definatly pick this game up.

I won't mention any spoilers,since I hate anyone doing that but if you are a fan of rpg games then this is a MUST.

Tool out....
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The Witcher 2 :Assasins of Kings.
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