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 Our HTML5 Audio player, an instructional guide.

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PostSubject: Our HTML5 Audio player, an instructional guide.   Thu Apr 03, 2014 2:46 am

Dear Trigger-san
This player does not preload or "buffer." It uses no data. I love you, but upgrade your damned internet or I'm never locking mandibles with you again.

In the interest of a permanent, non-data-sucking, easily modifiable audio player on the site, I've added HTML5 Audio. This does not require any hipster Mac plugins like quicktime, but I have noticed some browsers HATE it. At any rate, if you're using Opera/Chrome/IE/Safari/Firefox, it should work, and these are instructions for our admins on how to use it, for the script-daft (and Google-daft) among us.

The text may be found in the admin panel, under the "display" tab in the "generalities" section under the "homepage" bar to the left. It is our homepage message.

Currently, it reads like:

<audio src="" preload="none" controls="controls"> This content appears if the audio tag or the codec is not supported. </audio>

Inside the first set of quotation marks is where you must place a direct link to the song you want to play. A direct link generally ends with a file extension, in this case a .mp3 file.

There exist an exciting variety (I love that phrase) of file extensions, but that's not the point. Be aware that you may not always have .mp3, though. You may have a .wav or some crazy alternative shit.

I tend to use as my audio host. You should too!

Don't fuck with the audio player if you ain't know shit about the audio player. Whale plaid, gg, have fun with your music!
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Our HTML5 Audio player, an instructional guide.
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